sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Garanca's Carmen

Aqui, tive ocasião de manifestar as minhas reservas diante da interpretação da protagonista de Carmen, proposta por Elina Garanca. É certo que a mezzo do Báltico já abordou este papel no Met, tendo-se notabilizado, aos olhos da crítica.

Por ocasião de uma reprise, no Met, de Carmen, eis o veredicto do respeitável The New York Times:

For the moment, fico na minha...

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Paulo disse...

E eu fico na minha também. Aqui está uma outra opinião:

But it is nevertheless perversely fascinating to watch and listen to her—to hear how good a voice can be without letting in emotion, to see how far the beautiful can be from the interesting.

But we do not live in a culture in which most people like to go to the opera to experience those difficult feelings. They want to be comfortable, and Ms. Garanca obliges with a voice of perfect richness and smoothness and a performance devoid of anything but the broadest, most generic indicators of vividness or passion. Her beauty holds the eye in high-def close-ups, but missing are the things that make an opera work in an opera house.