domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Sellars, Gelb & Myself ;-)

(Peter Sellars)

Insidiosamente, Peter Gelb vai limpando a poeira que, no que à encenação concerne, vinha conspurcando a grande Met Opera House, desde há décadas. O megalómano e insuportável hiper - realista Franco Zeffirelli, de uma vez por todas, é remetido à insignificância. Para meu gáudio - e de muitos, muitos mais -, Peter Sellars conquista terreno!

«The Metropolitan Opera, which announced its plans for the 2010-11 season on Monday, said Mr. Sellars would make his directing debut at the house with “Nixon in China,” John Adams’s 1987 opera.

Meanwhile, a Zeffirelli production — “La Traviata” — will bite the dust.

The “Traviata” news is no big surprise. The Met has slowly been phasing out the lavish spectacles of Italian operas directed by Mr. Zeffirelli, which have been around for decades, to the outrage of his supporters and other traditional opera fans. This season, new versions replaced his longstanding “Tosca” and “Carmen” productions.

After condemnation of the new “Tosca” directed by Luc Bondy, the Met’s general manager, Peter Gelb, had said there was a “strong possibility” that the Zeffirelli production would reappear next spring because of technical issues related to a simultaneously running “Ring,” a new production of the Wagner cycle directed by Robert Lepage. That idea is now off the table.

“We were able to figure out a way of technically reconfiguring slightly the way in which we set the ‘Tosca’ on the stage,” Mr. Gelb said, “so we can make it work.” He added, “It was always our intention to bring it back if we could,” referring to the Bondy “Tosca.”»

Long live Peter Gelb!!!

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Xico disse...

O João Almeida devia ir assistir ao Morcego de S. Carlos.
É que aquilo já não é só um caso de polícia. Aqueles senhores e senhoras, precisam urgentemente da ajuda da sua profissão.
Quanto à música, parece que vão resolver o problema. Passa a ser música gravada e pronto.

Il Dissoluto Punito disse...


Não me diga?! É o que imaginava... Uma vergonha, não? Ou - melhor dito - já nem vergonha há!

Hugo Santos disse...

Um ódio de estimação, caro João?

Il Dissoluto Punito disse...


O Zeffirelli? HORRENDO!!!

Anónimo disse...

Opinião de Elisabeth Schwarzkopf sobre Peter Sellars:

(After being asked about Peter Sellars) "There are names I do not want mentioned in my home. Do not say that name in my presence. I have seen what he has done, and it is criminal. As my husband used to say, so far no one has dared go into the Louvre Museum to spray graffiti on the Mona Lisa, but some opera directors are spraying graffiti over masterpieces." — Newsweek interview, 15 October 1990 RAUL