domingo, 10 de abril de 2005

Divino Wotan...

Terfel encarnou o mais terreno dos deuses: Wotan, magistral criação wagneriana, desta feita n´A Valquíria...

O New York Times dá conta desta fabulosa interpretação, que teve lugar em Covent Garden, prosseguindo até 15 de Julho, e que conta, ainda, com as presenças de Meier e Domingo, verdadeiras referências da interpretação wagneriana...

"Arriving there with Mr. Pappano and the orchestra is Bryn Terfel in the role of Wotan, which he is singing for the first time, outstandingly. This is a god becoming a man, and growing. In the early stages of the second act, he finds places where he can let a phrase run loose a little, green and fresh, before he pulls it tight again. Then, as he is cornered by his wife, Fricka -- sternly and strongly portrayed by Rosalind Plowright -- he exchanges the easy confidence of command for a force born of awareness and experience. You hear this happening in his slow, soft turns within a trap from which he cannot escape. ''I can do what I will'' is changing into ''I will do what I must.''

The ''will'' is the same. Mr. Terfel's Wotan from this point abandons suavity to gain massively and musically in power. He sings, of course, what is written. Yet he seems to be improvising: to be Wotan. Just as, in his physical presence, he makes every gesture and movement come from the character, so his singing -- always absorbing, always purposeful -- projects the consciousness of the flawed immortal. The more he goes down, the more he rises.

His rage as he enters in the last act is stark, a rage Wotan is directing at himself, for his powerlessness. At the end he reaches up to magnificent pride. Wotan's farewell to Brünnhilde is also a farewell to his own divinity, yet he goes like a god."

Para abrir o apetite, eis uma incontornável referência da moderna interpretação wagneriana, plena de vigor, vitalidade e... humanidade, que constitui o primeiro registo de Terfel integralmente dedicado ao mestre de Bayreuth.

(DG 471 348-2)

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