quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2007

Wagner and the Art of the Theatre

Carnegy publica Wagner and the Art of the Theatre (edição da Yale University Press).

Já chovem as aclamações...

Neste artigo - subordinado ao lançamento da obra, que levou 40 anos a redigir (?!) - levanta-se a ponta do véu, como segue:

«"People who say that Wagner knew exactly how he wanted his works produced - so what right have you to stage the Ring on Mars or down a salt mine - are wrong," he says. "Wagner was precise [in his stage directions] because the theatrical world into which he launched his works was a total mess, and the quality was very poor. The reason he took such trouble was defensive: it wasn't so much that he knew what he wanted, but he jolly well knew what he didn't want."».

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